Who we are.

Homeety is a company that offers a Digital Goodies solution. Our objective is to re-adapt the use cases and usefulness of goodies to the codes of the 21st century. Homeety was founded in January 2022, by Laurent David Lahmi and Marc Seroussi.

"We worked on our product for more than 10 months to make it functional."

"The MVP of our digital goodies had to already be an extraordinary and functional experience. This is why we preferred to take our time to market an extraordinary experience that works!"

Homeety's official currency is the $HOM token, which reflects business activity. The $HOM will also reduce the cost of operating features and transactions with partner merchants.

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Our Official Token: $HOM

Enhance your Homeety experience with the $HOM token. The $HOM token is the official currency of Homeety. By using this token to conduct transactions on our platform, you can reduce the costs of using features and gain exclusive access to benefits.

The $HOM token also allows you to purchase anything you want on Homeety and from our partner merchants.Holding $HOM tokens also gives you the opportunity to participate in exclusive events and special marketing campaigns on Homeety. You will also enjoy exclusive benefits from our merchandising. Join our community now by purchasing $HOM tokens and fully enjoy Homeety.

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Discover the team.

We are proud to be a team of 12 passionate people, working together to bring you the ultimate digital experience. We believe that our diversity in terms of skills and experience contributes to creating an innovative and quality product for our users.

Laurent David Lahmi
CEO / Co-Founder

Not giving up 'till we make it!

Marc Seroussi

Make it real.

Samuel Rouch

12 years of applied experience in marketing. Already made Twitter cry.

Logan Lahmi

Lucie Albira
Creative Director

Worked as a Graphic Designer in fashion, Artificial Intelligence & Web3.

Yohann Aouate
Lead Developer UE5

4 years 3D Engine Development - Former 3D infographist.

Reda Tinebinal
Lead 3D Artist

Passionate about all forms of 3D art, while pushing the technical boundaries in this field for a decade.

Stéphane Dalbera
Technical & Strategy Advisor
Lead UX

Senior Ux designer with 30 years of experience in various projects.

Richard Le Bihan
Lead Technical Artist
Vidal Chriqui
Expert Blockchain

Web3 is no longer a secret for him.

Hervé Hababou
Senior Financial Blockchain Advisor