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Digital goodies

Digital merchandising on Homeety:
A new way of doing marketing.

Offer your customers and partners exclusive 3D objects, directly linked to your brand, thanks to digital merchandising on Homeety. The digital merchandising feature gives you the opportunity to create exclusive 3D objects related to your brand, such as virtual goodies, figurines, clothing, etc.

These objects can be used as gifts for your customers and partners during events, congresses, parties and networking. This feature is also a perfect way for brands to get started in Web3 in a smooth and gradual way. At Homeety, we are proud to offer quality 3D merchandising directly linked to the blockchain.

This means that your items will be unique, secure and can be used and traded on our platform. Join the Homeety community now and discover how our digital merchandising feature can help you strengthen your brand and create awareness in the web3.

Hoodie nft with a drone in the back


Explore real-life and Metaverse events with Homeety's NFT ticketing.

With Homeety's NFT ticketing, you can access unique real-life and Metaverse events. Whether you want to attend a virtual concert in the virtual world or an industry conference in the real world,
Homeety gives you the means to secure exclusive tickets for these experiences.

The NFTs used for tickets guarantee you unique ownership and possession of your ticket, while also allowing you to enjoy exclusive event-related perks.


Shop your favorite brands in the Metaverse.

Our online store offers an innovative way of shopping for your favorite brands. With our use of NFTs, you can not only buy physical products but also virtual versions of these products. The virtual versions can be used in virtual worlds to give you an immersive shopping experience. You can also own unique items that can be used for augmented reality experiences or to showcase your commitment to a brand. Join our community of brand consumers and be one of the first to explore the shopping experience of tomorrow with Homeety.


Experience cutting-edge interactive games that blend gaming and NFTs on Homeety.

Imagine games where you can collect unique items like weapons, characters, and vehicles that have real-world value outside of the game. Or, participate in live game events where winners receive exclusive NFT rewards. Join our passionate gaming community and revolutionize your gaming experience with Homeety.


Discover unique NFT assets and collections on Homeety.

Homeety offers you the unique opportunity to acquire one-of-a-kind NFT assets and collections. We have a wide range of options for buyers, from virtual artworks to in-game items and event tickets. Each of these items are NFTs that give you unique ownership of the item, allowing you to use, collect, hold or resell them. Join our community of buyers and collectors and discover the exciting world of NFTs on Homeety.

Personal Space

Designers, 3D Artists, Technicians and Developers -
Your creative space.

Artistic Development: Designers, 3D Artists, Technicians and Developers - Your Creative Space Awaits! Our Homeety platform is a unique artistic development space for 3D creators, technicians and developers. We offer powerful creation tools to enable you to create unique 3D content for events, games, virtual and augmented reality experiences. Additionally, you can monetize your creations by selling them as NFTs, as well as participate in creation contests organized by our community. Join our community of creators and become an integral part of the revolution in online content creation with Homeety.


Homeety: Your Networking Hub for Professionals

Homeety is more than just a entertainment space, it's also a networking hub for professionals. We offer a platform for businesses and individuals from all industries to connect, exchange ideas, and grow their network. You can find job opportunities, schedule sales meetings or product presentations, and attend online networking events. Join our community of professionals and discover how Homeety can help you expand your professional network and advance your career.

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