Your guide to Homeety

May this guide help you to have a better understanding of what Homeety is about to build.

!Here is what you will find in this guide.
You will find everything from Homeety’s Purpose, to where we are now, and to what we are planning in the future!

This guide is the first version released by the Homeety Dev Team.
It is not binding in nature and may be subject to change in the future.



What is Homeety’s purpose?

Homeety is a Metaverse under development that aims to provide a complete immersive experience by bringing together all Metaverse experiences.
Key features include NFT Merchandising, NFT ticketing for IRL and Metaverse events. An online shop for shopping your favorite brands, interactive games combining gaming and NFTs, selling of unique NFT assets and collections. Also, a space for 3D artists, technicians and developers, as well as a space for professionals, including job offers and networking opportunities.

Innovations and private access on Homeety?

Homeety also offers H-Pass, a pass that allows access to all premium features of Homeety, including exclusive benefits on merchandising. The official currency of Homeety is the $HOM token, which allows for reduced operating costs of features and transactions with partner merchants.

So why Homeety?

In 2023, Homeety is committed to becoming the essential tool of Web3 and the Metaverse, by offering a range of goods and services. Homeety offers a completely new and unique experience that cannot be found anywhere else.
The platform combines the best of the virtual world with the best of the real world, creating a metaverse that is both immersive and accessible. Whether you're looking for a new way to connect with friends, explore the latest in art and technology, or just have fun, Homeety is the place for you.

An opportunity not to be missed in which you can become an actor and an investor!

Homeety features

• Merchandising
• Ticketing for Metaverse and IRL
• Shop
• NFT gaming
• NFT Assets & Collaborations
• Creative space for artist, devs and tech
• Networking and Jobs offers


“The web has had an incomparable impact on our lives, whether on a personal or professional level, the uses of computers are today «everywhere, for everything and all the time».

The next step in digital transformation lies in the hybridization of experiences between virtual and real through the creation of a continuum seamlessly intermingling IRL and digital.There lies the challenge and the great opportunities of the years to come and it is on these issues that Homeety’s vision unfolds: to create valuable user experiences that seamlessly and naturally interweave IRL and Digital, to go beyond the points of current friction of a web that needs to be re-enchanted.

This Web post 2.0 will obviously be based on NFTs, Blockchain, Machine Learning,Real-Time 3D... some call this hybridization and this continuum of WEB 3, Metaverse, Augmented Reality experiences... but for Homeety, beyond an inventory of technologies, an accumulation of concepts in tune with the times... all that matters in the end isthe value proposition for our users and our customers, regardless of the technologies underpinning underlying. Homeety is supported by a network of technology veterans who master it and want above all to put it at the service of new rich experiences for users.

Homeety's approach is pragmatic:

• Do not hope for a future wide adoption of AR and VR technologies to act, but rely on the nerve center of digital life that is today the smartphone: We are Mobile First.

• Don’t desperately look for more or less dubious uses of trendy technologies, but start from clearly identified needs and desires and respond to them by judiciously using emerging technologies wisely: We are User Centric.

• We don’t want to spread ourselves too thinly over all possible and conceivable uses for all targets, but rather identify promising targets, with identified needs and the means to finance them: We first target the luxury industries.

We create hybrid solutions and experiences on smartphones, which could be placed within the framework of a WEB3 / Metaverse approach, targeting the patent needs and clearly identified by players in the luxury industries. From this first iteration on the luxury industries, our strategy is to expand the offer and the targets in a virtuous circle context to other B2B needs then, once a critical mass has been reached, to open up to B2C offers.

Homeety's value

We are currently experiencing the first wave of WEB3/Metaverse-type uses, which in many ways is comparable to the first phase of the Web revolution at the turn of the last century: a bubble.

For Homeety, the biggest obstacle to overcoming the questionable successes in terms of real mass adoption of these technologies lies in the quality and simplicity of the experience offered to users:

• Many current solutions go through breaks in experiences resulting from a multiplicityof steps, sites and/or applications to achieve a complete user journey. A simple journeyfrom the creation of a Wallet to the purchase tunnel of an NFT product is from a UXpoint of view today, an aberration which hinders not only the widening of adoption butalso the recurrence and user loyalty.

• Apart from a few products from solid video game players, such as EPIC with Fortnite,the 3D experiences offered are visually dated, unattractive and moreover unstable. Inaddition, many proposals lazily offer only a low quality reproduction of the real worldwithout taking advantage of the immense creative freedom that 3D offers. It is hightime to move on to the next stage of WEB3 type uses, the one putting at the heart ofits vision the quality of the experience offered, the meaning of the experience, the usevalue, visual creativity: it is for Homeety and many observers the key to the transitionfrom a fad to a revolution that will be as important as it was for the Web. Homeety's proposal is to create a mobile application embracing, as it is developed, all the stages of a WEB3/ Metaverse experience:

• User friendly creation and management of wallet
• Navigation enriched in 3D Real Time with an innovative HMI paradigm
• Visualization and exchange of Real-Time 3D NFTs oriented towards Digital Marketing
• Transparent management of events and invitations linked to an NFT ticketing system• Marketplace for buying and exchanging NFT products

• Space dedicated to brand WEB3 digital marketing As an example, this approachwould allow a luxury player to experience all the stages of the launch of a product withits IRL and Virtual sections for its targets:

• Invitation
• Access to the IRL event
• Physical rewards and NFT
• Projection on social networks of the experience
• IRL and Virtual purchase of physical product and associated NFT
• Digital Marketing campaign focused on the promotion of the IRL event and its NFTsections And this iteration focused on luxury could decline a number of usage scenarios expanding the Homeety ecosystem to make it a central node of WEB3


Why a listing ?
Terms & Conditions

Engaging our community, a crucial starting point.

As you have noticed, most Web3 projects (NFT Collection, ICO, Metavers, etc.) start firstwith sales before building.
We do the opposite.

The Homeety adventure began in February 2022, and, until today, we have hired, developed, and set up a whole team of experts. All without involving our community.We seek to prove before committing. We are reaching a turning point, where, beyond the financial aspect, we want to engage our community, while establishing a relationship of trust with it. This listing is therefore above all, a testimony to the commitment of our community of investors.

Raise funds for further development.

The Web3 requires great resources in terms of development and smart contracts. The Metaverse, on the other hand, requires a team of cutting-edge 3D designers. We were able to start showing you our promising environment via our 3D creations on twitter and discord. This is just the beginning. So, obviously and secondarily, the purpose of this listing is to raise funds that will allow us to go even further, with you.

Give VIP utilities to our investors.

The ultimate goal of our listing, in the longer term, is obviously to be able to give those who have believed in us, from the beginning, advantages that they will be the only ones to have. Throughout the Homeety adventure, the first entrants will be part of the central core of the Homeety family and this will give you lot of more advantages.

The role of the Token HOM

What will be the use of token?

The HOM token is a crucial component of the Homeety ecosystem. It acts as a means of exchange, allowing users to participate in the Homeety Metaverse and interact with other members of the community. The token is used to purchase items, access premium content, and participate in events and activities within Homeety.

In addition to serving as a means of exchange, the HOM token also plays an important role in governance. Holders of the token have a say in the direction and development of Homeety, and can vote on proposals and initiatives put forward by the community. The HOM token is therefore not just a form of currency, but also a tool for community engagement and decision-making within Homeety.

“$HOM” an official exchange currency

BoredApe owns the APE coin, Binance owns the BNB, Homeety launches the$HOM!We want to offer our users an immersive navigation in our metaverse and our functionnalities, so it was logical that we offer our own Token relating to all our services.

A purchase at the launch of the listing? What interest?

Investors who have made the right choice to buy our tokens at the time of the listing will benefit from a purchase of $HOM at the best cost. By keeping these tokens, you will therefore be able to have a better valuation of them, during the launch of the H-Pass Mint and application and future collaborations.

Technical aspect and development of $HOM Token

Name : Homeety
Ticker : HOM
Network : Polygon
Max supply : 5 billions HOM token
Public Listing price : 0.032 €
Opening Uniswap Listing : december 12th, 2022
Contract address : 0x12a4cebf81f8671faf1ab0acea4e3429e42869e7

Entry conditions

Follow our Twitter account @homeety or
Follow our Discord account

What condition to get the WL?

There are several ways to get the Whitelist for the H-Pass:
- Win whitelist in giveaways on our twitter page, discord and our collaborations.
- Be active on our Discord server.
- Show interest in homeety by taking initiatives that will get you noticed on twitter and discord.

Homeety Discord Roles:
@Verified it's a must!
@⭐️: Good start. We see you!
@⭐️⭐️: You're on the good way
@H-Pass WL ⭐️⭐️⭐️: Congrats! You're H-PassListed.
@OG ✨ : You are part of the very close FAM. (Full advantages during the Mint)

We wish to all of you good LUCK!


Phase 1 - Q4 2022
October, 2022: Discord launch
December 12, 2022 : Listing on Uniswap (Polygon)

Phase 2 - Q1 2023
Marketing of the H-Pass
Private WL sale + Public Sale
Launch of the Homeety Passeport or "H-Pass".
Launch of the first NFT Merchandising IRL event (Virtuality, Paris)

Phase 3 - Q2 2023
Addition of partner web3/Blockchain events for Merchandising (with advantages for the H-Pass holders)
NFT Assets & Collaborations

Phase 4 - Q3 2023
Launch of the mobile application in Beta version
Giveaways and privileges for Holders
Active implementation of collaboration with brands
Creative space for artist, devs and tech

Phase 5 - Q4 2023
Launch of Networking and Jobs offers space
Announcements of NFT collaborations and exclusives with brands

Phase 6 - Q1 2024
Launch of “H-Meet” - space reserved for professionals -
Setting up Metavers meeting rooms
Development of virtual premises for companies
Job offers and job interviews in the Metaverse H
Special discounts for H-Pass Holders

Phase 7 - Q2 2024
Launch of the NFT Gaming in our Metaverse
Launch of the Virtual Shops in our Metaverse

Homeety Passeport
« H-Pass » Mint Information

Blockchain: ERC-1155
Total supply: TBA
Mint Price: TBA
Mint: On Homeety website
Private "OG WL" + "H-PassWL" Sale: Q1 2022
Public sale: H+? Private WL sale
Royalties: 8%
Type of NFT: Pass
Secondary Market: OpenSea
Mint limit: 1 to 2 per wallet (depend on the Mint Role and phases)

How to get whitelisted ?

There are several ways to get the Whitelist for the H-Pass:
• Win whitelist in giveaways on our twitter page, discord and our collaborations.
• Be active on our Discord server.
• Show interest in homeety by taking initiatives that will get you noticed on twitter and discord.