6 min Tutorial

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1. Go on Uniswap

click here

2. Once on the Uniswap page, make sure you have selected the "Polygon" network. Also make sure you seethe HOM token in the exchange.

3. Connect your Metamask to Uniswap. Select the network "Polygon Mainnet". At the bottom, click on "Import a token".

4. $HOM token Address 0x12a4cebf81f8671faf1ab0acea4e3429e42869e7
Paste the $HOM token address in the contract address tab, the “Token symbol” (HOM) and “Token decimal” (18)fields should fill in automatically. Finally, click on “Add custom token”.

5. Then, click on “Import token”.

6. Finally, when you return to the home screen, you will see the $HOM token displayed!