Offer customers Digital Goodies as rewards using NFT technology and more experiences.

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Digital Goodies

Digital merchandising on Homeety:
A new way of doing marketing

Offer your customers and partners exclusive 3D objects with utilities, directly linked to your brand. It gives you the opportunity to create exclusive 3D assets related to your brand. These objects can be used as gifts for your customers and partners during events, congresses, parties and networking.

This feature is also a perfect way for brands to get started in Web3 in a smooth and gradual way. We are proud to offer perfect 3D assets directly linked to the blockchain. It means that your Goodies will be unique, secure and can be used and traded.

Join the Homeety community now and discover how our digital merchandising feature can help you strengthen your brand and create awareness in the web3.


Using AI to enhance digital experiences and services.

Intelligently utilizing AI for research and incorporating conversational animation into our avatars.

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Join the Homeety community, where real-life events, NFTs, gaming, art, and development come together for an immersive experience like never before.

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What are the benefits of the H-Pass ?

🔹 Advantages on our Merchandising and Ticketing
🔹 Advantages for futures collections
🔹 Discount on our futures NFTs partners
🔹 Very Specials Giveaways & Rewards
🔹 Vote for the project
🔹 Holders are considered as pioneer of Homeety



Enhance your Homeety experience with the $HOM token, use it for transactions on our platform and with our partners. The $HOM token is the official currency of Homeety. By using this token to make transactions on our platform, you can reduce the costs of using features and gain exclusive access to perks. The $HOM token also allows you to purchase anything you want on Homeety and our merchant partners. Holding $HOM tokens also gives you the opportunity to participate in exclusive events and special marketing campaigns on Homeety. You’ll also get exclusive advantages of our Merch. Join our community now by purchasing $HOM tokens and fully experience Homeety.

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Hecate is the mysterious character created by Homeety who will guide you through our experiences in the Metaverse.

Hecate is more than just an avatar, she might become a unique NFT collection in the future, so stay tuned for more info.

We’re sure she’ll quickly become one of your favorite characters.


What is Homeety?


Homeety is a Metaverse currently under development that aims to provide a complete immersive experience by bringing together all of the experiences of the Metaverse. It includes features such as NFT ticketing for both IRL and Metaverse events, an online shop for shopping your favorite brands, interactive games combining gaming and NFTs, the sale of unique NFT assets and collections, a space for 3D artists, technicians, and developers, as well as a space for professionals, including job offers and networking opportunities.

What is Merchandising by Homeety?


Merchandising by Homeety is a new feature that allows brands and companies to create digital merchandise for their customers and partners, which can be given away at events, conferences, parties and networking events. This is a great way for brands to enter the Web3 space in a smooth and gradual way. The merchandise will be of high quality and will be directly implemented on the blockchain.

What is the H-Pass?


The H-Pass is an exclusive pass that gives you access to all of Homeety's premium features, as well as exclusive ticketing benefits. It is also a symbol of your membership in the Homeety community and gives you voting rights for future features.

How can I use the $HOM token on Homeety?


You can use the $HOM token to transact on our platform and at our partner mechants. It also allows you to reduce the cost of using functionalities and to access exclusive advantages. You can also use the $HOM token to participate in exclusive events and special giveaway campaigns on Homeety.

How to buy $HOM 


You can buy $HOM token on:

When will the H-Pass be available?


We plan to launch our NFT collection in Q1 2023, but this may be subject to change as development progresses. We will keep you informed of updates on our website and social networks.

How do i get a Whitelist for the H-Pass?


There are several ways to obtain the Whitelist for the H-Pass:
- Buy $HOM and keep them until the mint of the H-Pass
- Win a WL in gifts on our twitter page, discord and our collaborations
- Be active on our Discord server

What is NFT Ticketing?


NFT ticketing is a unique digital token that guarantees you the unique ownership and possession of an event ticket. It allows you to enjoy exclusive content related to the event.

Is Homeety secure?


Yes, Homeety uses blockchain technologies to guarantee the security of all transactions and the properties of NFTs.

Can I use Homeety from anywhere?


Yes, Homeety is accessible from any device connected to the internet, whether it is a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. It is also compatible with different operating systems, like Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android.

Can i earn money using Homeety?


Homeety by selling your creations as NFTs, using the exclusive ticketing perks, participating in exclusive events, or using the $HOM perks token.

How has Homeety been funded up ?


Significant fundraising was done in 2022.