Homeety, the technology empowering RWA issuers to tokenize the world  
Bring the next billion users onchain

Homeety onboards on web3

Our onchain platforms includes content creation (IA), tokenization (NFT minting) and Digital Asset Distribution (Wallet)

AI-driven 3D Content Creation Technology

Three-steps creation process

Prompt writing
3D content generation
Delivery in seconds

AI-driven production

Unique and diverse content
Multiple inspirations in 3D creations
Unlimited selections

Intuitive asset creation

Advanced AI NFT Creator supporting RWA
Complete control over digital art assets

Blockchain Tokenization with integrated Minting

  • Minting setup customization (price, quantity, dates, attributes, ownership, etc.)

  • Deployment of smart contracts within a continuous ecosystem on the Homeety platform

  • Transformation of 3D content into on-chain NFT collections via Homeety technology

  • Technological excellence driven by RWA: Optimal UX/UI for accessible usability without expertise

We make Web3 accessible to everyone

Distribution via our Homeety seedless smart Wallet to easily distribute NFTs digitally or physically

Accessible by phone number/email (or existing Wallet)
Send and Get your Tokenized NFTs on any compatible chain
Send NFTs to other phones or wallet without limits.

$HOM - The Heart of Homeety Ecosystem

The HOM token captures the value created by the RWA ecosystem and serves as the cornerstone of the Homeety platform.

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A Wallet accessible to all

For over 2 years, Homeety has been developing a new technology that makes digital wallets accessible to everyone via SMS, email or Metamask.

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Simplified, secure access to the blockchain
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From your smartphone
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Addressable Markets

The Homeety platform empowers RWA issuers to tokenize the world and bring the next billion users onchain. Our technology includes content creation leveraging AI, tokenization through NFT minting and seedless Digital Asset Distribution. 

We cater to the RWA issuer market, financial markets, luxury markets, ticketing, academics, construction, industry, transportation, environment, and more.



Thanks to Homeety, we were able to create an NFT collection for crowdfunding, curate an artistic NFT collection, all while ensuring a secure platform.




With Homeety, we accomplished creating an NFT collection in just 5 days, conducted a live drop during the event, and fostered active community engagement.



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CEO / Creative IT

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CEO / Creative IT


Our Addressable Markets

Our target market is vast and inclusive, encompassing all those interested in Real World Assets (RWA) and seeking to overcome the technical barriers usually associated with blockchain. We address the global RWA issuers markets: financial, luxury, ticketing, environment...  

Our intuitive platform is specially designed for those who wish to generate 3D assets, tokenize, and distribute them without prior technical knowledge. A smartphone is all it takes to host the asset, thus paving the way for the integration of the next billion users into the digital world.

Token Listing

Yes, the Homeety token is currently listed on several leading DEXs, including 1inch, Uniswap, and Paraswap, to name a few. A listing on CEXs is also planned for Q2 2024, expanding our horizons and accessibility.

Why Become an Early Holder

Becoming an early holder of the Homeety token is seizing the opportunity to participate in a revolution in AI-assisted 3D creation. We democratize access to the tokenization of digital assets and their distribution via SMS/Email and smartphone wallets. Our vision is to create an inclusive ecosystem that embraces a complete protocol to welcome the next billion digital users.

Value proposition

The value proposition is clear: we offer a "one-stop-shop" solution where the technical complexity of blockchain wallets fades away, enabling seamless creation, minting, and distribution of NFTs directly from a smartphone.

Our added value mainly operates in RWA-related token projects and AI-generated generative tokens. However, our distinct advantage lies in our innovative approach: simplifying access to 3D digital assets. With Homeety, the technical complexity of blockchain wallets disappears, allowing anyone to create, mint, and distribute NFTs easily, directly from a smartphone.While our competitors primarily focus on RWA-related token projects and AI-generated generative tokens, our unique advantage stems from our comprehensive platform approach. As noted by our blockchain advisor, our strength lies in being a complete platform. To achieve what we do, one would need to align three poorly integrated competitors.

How to Buy HOM Token

For those ready to embark on the Homeety adventure, our token is available on various platforms such as Uniswap, 1inch, Paraswap, VersoWallet, and Coinbrain. Choosing Homeety means choosing the future of digital creation.

Check our tutorial here

Acquiring the Homeety token is simplified to be accessible to all. For a step-by-step guide on the purchasing process, refer to the following video, available on our platform. Join us in this transformative adventure and be part of the future of digital creation.

Join the Homeetians community

Are you ready to make history by being part of the next big financial revolution? At Homeety, we're at the forefront of innovation in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, offering you the unique opportunity to be part of something truly groundbreaking. Embark on a journey of optimized and autonomous content creation, from prompt generation to delivery in seconds, alongside the production of complete NFT collections. Seamlessly integrated with blockchain/Web3, our platform offers automated minting, smart contract deployment, and an on-chain ecosystem with a simplified, intuitive UX, showcasing technological excellence. We're seeking passionate and dynamic individuals to help propel it to new heights. We believe in the power of social media and the influence of students worldwide, which is why we're looking to recruit between 40 and 80 motivated Homeetians to become worldwide ambassadors of our HOM token.

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