We're reinventing customer engagement and loyalty with RWA and AI

Homeety democratizes Web3

Homeety uses blockchain as a powerful marketing tool to engage, retain and enhance businesses in innovative and effective ways. Homeety proposes a new communication model integrating 3D content developed and created via the Blockchain, where NFTs become real digital keys that link our early-adopter customers with their existing and emerging communities.

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Immersive, animated 3D marketing for exclusive campaigns
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Making Blockchain accessible with a simplified Wallet
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Rethinking relationships between brands and their audiences with NFTs
Meet us

Our team

Nous sommes fiers d'être une équipe de 12 personnes passionnées, travaillant ensemble pour vous offrir l'expérience numérique ultime. Nous pensons que notre diversité en termes de compétences et d'expériences contribue à créer un produit innovant et de qualité pour nos utilisateurs.

Laurent David Lahmi
CEO / Co-Founder
Marco Seroussi
Samuel Rouch
Logan Lahmi
Business Developer
Lucie Albira
Creative Director
Ilana Draï
Reda Tinebinal
Lead 3D Artist
Stéphane Dalbera
Technical & Strategy Advisor
Lead UX
Richard Le Bihan
Lead Technical Artist
Vidal Chriqui
Expert Blockchain
Hervé Hababou
Senior Financial Blockchain Advisor
A favorable outlook


Since Homeety was founded on January 24, 2022, each step in our development has ensured our success in the Web3 market.