Homeety démocratizes Web3

At the heart of Marketing 3.0

Reinventing customer engagement and loyalty
through tokenization (Real World Assets) and AI

Where innovation meets
customer experience

Together, we redefine the rules of the game with visionary strategies, using 3D to build immersive, engaging and memorable experiences that engage the customer's imagination.

Discover Fake Street Marketing by Homeety, which we're turning into a real gateway to onboarding you on the Blockchain and engaging your millions of subscribers in seconds.

Unlimited use cases
3D marketing powered by Blockchain and AI

We've created a 3D marketing tool where NFTs become real digital keys that link our pioneering customers with their communities.

Our team transforms your campaigns and memorable virtual experiences thanks to 3D and AI, tokenizing your assets with Real World Assets.

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Distribute your brand's assets
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Interact and reward your communities
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Via le Real World Assets
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At the heart of a personalized, secure world, integrated with this new technology
A Wallet accessible to all

For over 2 years, Homeety has been developing a new technology that makes digital wallets accessible to everyone via SMS, email or Metamask.

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Simplified, secure access to the blockchain
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From your smartphone
Book a demoSolution onboarding 3.0
3D artistic content
with impact
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Payment methods for Homeety services
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Settlement of transactions with affiliated vendors and suppliers

You can find the $HOM token at:

Redefining customer commitment
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Access to exclusive benefits (discounts, advantages, exclusive content)
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Our customers will also be able to sell their tokenized assets (RWA) in $HOM

You can find the $HOM token at:

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